kindred custom snowboards

Handmade on Vancouver Island

We, Angie and Evan, design and build Kindred Custom Snowboards together. We embarked on this creative journey to feed our passion for The Ride - not just the act of sliding on snow, but the entire alpine experience. It's an experience that connects us to our kin: the people with whom we share a joy for powder, park features, and the beauty of mountains.

Each board is a complementary brew of art and craftsmanship. Kindred Custom Snowboards enhance everything that you already - or ever hope to - love about The Ride.


Kindred Custom Snowboards are handmade from start to finish. We manufacture the cores in house using selected old growth Vancouver Island fir and yellow cedar.

Sidewall options include stunning hardwoods from around the world. We thank the forests for the playful liveliness of each board.


To personalize the flex and response of every board we use composites like Kevlar and Carbon Fibre. These are oriented in specific patterns to suit even the most critical rider.

We use a pine-based resin system that provides superior performance and a lower environmental impact.


The artwork on your Kindred Custom Snowboard is one of a kind. Using the old-world technique of marqueterie, we hand cut and match exquisite veneer topsheets.

For added detail we paint or wood burn unique designs to accent the woodgrain itself. The result is a functional work of art that is a reflection of you, the rider.

We build Kindred Custom Snowboards
year-round at the foot of Mount
Washington in the beautiful
Comox Valley, Canada.

find your kindred ride

Every Kindred Custom Snowboard begins with a consultation during which we finely tune the specifications of your perfect ride.

Please call or email us to begin the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you! Oh, and yes, we ship worldwide too.